Eating on Purpose

My attempt to eat less and pay more.


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I’m Holly Klaassen.

I’m a 34 year old mom of 2 living just outside Vancouver, BC.

My plan is to provide my family with healthy, local, ethical food, as much as possible.

I love that my daughter was shocked to discover whipped cream can come in a can. I snuck some edible oil product onto her pudding once just to see if she would notice. She wrinkled up her nose and pushed her bowl away saying, ‘Mommy, there’s something wrong with this whipped cream’.

My goal is to eat healthy.  To me, this doesn’t always equate to low fat, or low cal. I just want us to be putting real food into our bodies.

In many ways, it would be so much easier to buy boxes of cookies or pudding cups for my kids. Especially when you have a picky eater, like my 3 year old (In response to my split-pea soup: ‘Can someone give me a glass of water? This stuff is nasty’.)

But I’m already seeing how my kids’ food preferences are changing, given that there’s usually no junk food in the house. They’re getting a taste for real food, and they like it.

And that makes me happy.


Written by hollyck1

August 3, 2010 at 2:34 am

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